our history

Our company was born in the year of 1999 with the name of Martell SA de CV, is a family company founded by engineer Miguel Martell, as a company producing of milk, fruit, vegetables and basic grains whose objective is the production of raw materials and development of agro-industrial products.

In 2012 based on the experience in the management of quality raw materials and the opportunity arising in the nostalgic market in United States, Martell SA de CV takes a step forward to developing agro with the right equipment to generate nostalgic products with their respective market requirements to export.

It is as well as agro- Industry Polita started exports in December 2013, satisfying the demands of the Latin market in the United States. We are currently participating in trade fairs and commercial missions to give us to know in other States and expand our portfolio of clients. We remain in constant training of staff and updating the processes implementing the BPM.


We are an agro-industry which produces, commercializes and exports nostalgic-ethnic food products aimed at the Hispanic - Latin American market in the United States and other regions of the world. Through the use of raw materials and workmanship one hundred per cent Salvadoran, with the certification of the processes of production and safety of products.


Being a company that is innovative, competitive and high quality standards; that it produces, sells and exports nostalgic-ethnic food. Through the implementation of technology, certifications of key processes and the development of human talent.

Km 36. Carretera al Desvio de Opico, La Libertad, El Salvador, C.A. · PBX: (503) 2319-4919 · info@politasv.com